This page is dedicated to all the people who've made the mod_cfml project what it is today. Thank you!

Paul Klinkenberg

Paul Klinkenberg (Ongevraagd Advies)Paul perfected mod_cfml's functionality by developing the native Apache module ( and by adding support for site aliases, SES URL's, NGINX, and security keys while greatly improving mod_cfml's overall speed.

Bilal Soylu

Bilal SoyluBilal is responsible for creating the BonCode Connector, which supports the features of mod_cfml on Windows and IIS. The BonCode Connector is a .NET native connector for IIS and passes requests from IIS to Tomcat using the AJP protocol.

Jordan Michaels

Jordan Michaels (Vivio Technologies)Jordan currently manages the mod_cfml project, and was responsible for the original programming and design of the first version of the mod_cfml adaptor (perl) and tomcat valve.

Additional Contributions by...