Web Components

The mod_cfml web server components are the pieces of mod_cfml that read your web server's configuration and pass that information on to the mod_cfml Tomcat valve.

Apache Support:

If you intend to install mod_cfml on to Apache, note that you will need a standard Apache to Tomcat connector like mod_proxy or mod_jk. If you do not have a connector installed, basic instructions for installing mod_proxy are provided, but this documentation is not intended to cover mod_proxy in great detail.

-> Apache on Ubuntu

-> Apache on CentOS

-> Apache on Windows

IIS Support:

If you intend to install mod_cfml on to IIS, then you will need to install the BonCode Connector to IIS. The BonCode Connector is a fully functional Tomcat connector. If you have another connector installed, such as Tomcat's ISAPI_redirect, that connector will need to be removed before the BonCode Connector can be installed.

This documentation provides basic instructions for using the BonCode Connector installer to install the BonCode Connector, as well as the configuration options that are needed to enable mod_cfml support.

-> IIS on Windows